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Blank or Greeting inside
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Inside: There is only one
way to go and that is up! #11
Inside: That's life! Live it up!
Happy Birthday! #8
Inside: You have a prescription
for a relaxing birthday! #19
Inside: What other white lies lurk in
your closet? Happy Birthday! #21
you one year older! #50
Inside: I hear you girlfriend! #22
A  What's on the table
B. What's in front of you.
C  What's on your plate
We know that with our
"Life Experience"
we would totally kiss ass!
Wishing you a kick ass birthday! #7
BIRTHDAY,coming right up! #5
Inside: Just how old did you say
you were? Happy Birthday! #118
Inside: And on your birthday,
who can blame you! #120
Inside" I'm the one that reminds
you year after year  you're getting
older! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! #119
Inside: Yep, a sure sign of old age!
Just a reminder...
It's your birthday! #121
Inside: Hope your BIRTHDAY
is FILLED to the top! #122
Inside: You're going to have to
face it sooner or later!
Inside: Je me suis rappele votre
anniversaire! (I remembered your
birthday!) #124
Inside: But it's friends like
you that get you
through the day! #126
Inside: to wait on you
hand and foot!
Happy Birthday! #127
Inside: Now it's your turn!
So get over it!
Happy Birthday! #128
Inside: Time to celebrate your
Blank inside #130
Happy Birthday! #125